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Learn a bit of Bowenwork!

A 4 hour class will give you a few tools to help family and friends and a chance to check out Bowenwork as a career in bodywork. CALL anyone of us for details.

Come see us and experience BOWEN


"I was you first client at the fair yesterday. I have to tell you I did some errands after leaving the fair and became so tired that I took what I thought would be a short nap. It was 5 and 1/2 hours. Woke up for a few hours and then slept through the night with only waking up once. Best night's sleep in years. What euphoria!

Cannot thank you enough. What a great day and night. 

I was telling people how great you were at the fair and hope they sought you out for assistance."


Hello Mardelle!

"Thank you for the wonderful session that i receive from you yesterday at Rota, it was amazing. I could feel the opening of my body and the heat circulating each part that you were working on. Thank you for the amazing healing session you gave me. Keep doing the great work you offer, and I hope many more people come and experience that fabulous escape, to journey into their own soul.

Love and Blessings!"

I. H.